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Which oral ailments can dental sealants fix? Although dental sealants cannot act as tooth replacements, they can be used to restore and repair many types of damaged teeth, and also protect teeth from future damage such as tooth decay and cavities.

Cavities are a major concern in children, as children tend to be more exposed to sugary products. Bad bacteria in our mouths is capable of converting sugars into harmful acids that eat through tooth decay. Dental sealants block this process by actively covering our tooth enamel for an additional layer of protection. Children with dental sealants on their molars are often three times less likely to develop any cavities in their youth.

Dental sealants are extremely safe, as they consist of a safe and effective gel that hardens over teeth in precise areas. In addition, sealants are aesthetically beautiful and are clear enough to allow the natural beauty of your teeth to shine through. With dental sealants, your chance for tooth decay drops by over 80%. If you do develop a cavity, dental sealants can even act as dental fillings to repair the tooth.

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