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You may know that having a beautiful white smile is a goal for most Americans. With that in mind, are you satisfied with the color and shade of your smile? If you are not, you probably are aware that having your teeth whitening in our office is a solution you should consider. Still, what do you know about the other options you should consider?

You may want to try an at-home whitening kit, but visiting our professional dental team for a whitening is generally considered the best option for your gums and teeth. Sadly, at-home kits are easy to misuse and could damage your teeth and your gums.

Furthermore, you may not be pleased—or even satisfied—with the results of an at-home whitening. If you visit us, our team can supervise your treatment and may offer multiple applications for ideal results. Individuals who have sensitive teeth should consider getting a professional cleaning because we can help you avoid the pain you might experience otherwise. You can usually enjoy a whiter smile after only one session. We may also provide you with a follow-up whitening tray to use a home.

Please remember that different foods and drinks could also stain and yellow your teeth again. For example, berries, coffee, tea, and wine could each affect the color of your pearly whites. If you are interested in learning more about the care you can receive from our team, or about teeth whitening services in Cincinnati, Ohio, please contact Eastern Hills Dental by calling us at 513-231-7474 . Our dentist, Dr. Amanda Rhoades, and our team are excited to receive your call soon.