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Do you ever worry about what you would do during a dental emergency? Do you know what should be considered a dental emergency? Sadly, there are a few things you should know about—and several things you should do during these emergencies.

For instance, would you be surprised to learn that losing a tooth should be considered an emergency? If you lose a tooth, please visit us as soon as you can. If you visit us quickly, we might be able to help you keep your natural tooth. We also recommend bringing your tooth with you when you visit us. Please place the tooth in a glass of milk and try to avoid handling it by its roots. If your tooth breaks into pieces, please collect as many as you can.  You should also contact our team if a filling falls out or if you injure your jaw.

Still, had you heard that a toothache might be an emergency? While a toothache might not seem overly serious, it could be a sign that you’re suffering from a more serious problem. If you have a toothache that lasts for more than a few days or if you have a severe toothache, please contact us a soon as possible. We also recommend using a store-bought painkiller until you’re able to visit us.

If you have more questions about coping with a dental emergency in Cincinnati, Ohio, or are interested in scheduling an appointment with our dentist, Dr. Amanda Rhoades, please feel free to contact Eastern Hills Dental by calling 513-231-7474 . We’re excited to hear from you.