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Did you know that the teenage years mark a time of high risk for your oral health due to all the tooth hazards you can encounter? During this period, many young patients are growing in their wisdom teeth, playing contact sports and receiving orthodontic treatment. We strive to encourage teenage patients to take steps to protect their smiles and prevent oral damage.

To prevent damage to your teeth during your teen years, we encourage the use of proper oral health care habits that promote good health smile and reduce the likelihood of the teeth being damaged. We advise against common practices that are actually very risky for the oral health, including using drugs and tobacco and having any part of your mouth pierced. By avoiding these bad dental habits, you can avoid long-lasting consequences that could cost your smile.

One of the highest risks for oral accidents and injuries to the mouth during the teen years is playing sports. You don’t have to avoid the sports that you love, but you should always wear the safety gear recommended by your doctor and dentist, such as face masks and sports mouth guards. Sports bring a risk of blunt trauma and facial injury, but the use of protective gear can prevent serious injury.

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