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Fix broken or damaged smiles with flawless restoration treatments. Did you know two of the most highly effective types of tooth restoration therapies for improving the look of your smile are dental crowns and dental veneers, as both treatments cap or conceal troublesome areas of your teeth, but in different ways? To learn more about the remarkable benefits of both restoration treatments, see the lists below:

Advantages of dental crowns:

– Dental crowns are designed to completely cover and protect broken teeth on all sides.

– Dental crowns work to fully enclose a tooth in a protective barrier that makes damage to the tooth far less common.

– Dental crowns can be used to cover previous procedures, such as dental bridges, implants, root canals, and fillings.

Advantages of dental veneers:

– Dental veneers are thin, durable shells that can conceal the fronts of teeth that have been badly stained or discolored.

– Dental veneers are not one size fits all, but rather completely customized shells designed for each individual tooth in each individual person.

– Placement of dental veneers requires less enamel removal than placement of a dental crown.

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