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A healthy smile takes daily effort to overcome the effects of tooth decay and cavities that endanger your teeth. By brushing your teeth twice a day for two minutes at a time, and flossing thoroughly at least once a day, your teeth (and gums) get the daily care they need to triumph over tooth decay and gum disease.

But some of your teeth are more challenging to clean properly than others. Specifically, the teeth in the back of your mouth. The molars are hard to clean because of the grooves and fissures they have on the top. These indentations harbor sticky biofilm and food particles which in turn, produce acids that erode tooth enamel. As enamel weakens, little holes can crop up, allowing acid to reach the dentin and tooth pulp below. This, in turn, endangers the structure of the tooth.

Your dentist can prevent cavities from impacting your molars with the help of dental sealants. These sealants, which are either clear, white or tinted depending on what kind they are, seal the tops of the molars so the grooves and fissures don’t hang on to debris. They can be used on primary or secondary molars. Preventing cavities is the main idea to preserve the tooth’s structural integrity.

To place the sealant:

1- Your dentist cleans and dries the tooth.
2- An acidic gel is placed briefly on the grooves and fissures of the molar to “roughen” it so the sealant can bond to it.
3- The gel is rinsed off and the tooth is dried to ready it for the sealant.
4- The sealant is coated on the molar and hardened, sometimes by using a special light, depending on the sealant material.

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