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Genetics and other factors can sometimes cause developmental problems with a permanent tooth. In some of these cases, the tooth might emerge from the gums shorter than its surrounding counterparts or deformed in shape.

Without professional treatment, the misshapen tooth could eventually fracture or eventually lead to a problem with dental attrition. A tooth-like this that appears when you smile can also hamper your self-confidence.

In many cases like this, a dentist like Dr. Amanda Rhoades can replace the tooth’s enamel layer with a porcelain dental crown. The treatment process involves him numbing the tooth and surrounding gums before removing its enamel layer. The underlying dentin will eventually serve as an abutment to anchor the porcelain dental crown.

An impression will be created of the abutment as well as any other related teeth in your mouth. It will be sent to a dental lab where your dental crown will be produced from a special porcelain material that can be shaded to perfectly match the neighboring teeth.

You will need to return to Eastern Hills Dental when your dental crown is ready. A strong dental adhesive will then be used to secure it to the abutment.

If you are in the Cincinnati, Ohio, area and you have a short, misshapen or otherwise deformed tooth, you should call 513-231-7474 to have it addressed by Dr. Amanda Rhoades and his staff.